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Serving Calgary and its surrounding communities since 1995.

Our clinic is a place for wellness and healing. We are passionate about the healing arts of the body, mind and spirit. Our Registered Massage Therapists are unique: highly trained and dedicated to providing exceptional, purposeful, knowledge-based treatments. We are here to help and connect people who want to take care of themselves.

What is the wisdom of your body telling you? 

Your body speaks your mind. When you tune in, what do you hear? Where is there static? What noise are you tolerating in your life? Metaphors like 'the weight of the world on your shoulders', 'butterflies in your stomach', 'heartache', 'headache', and 'pain in the neck' are all good examples of what the mind-body connection sounds and feels like.

We are here to take care of you, committed to your wellness and to working together to achieve and maintain health through whatever your individual needs are. Tuning you in and connecting your body, mind and spirit through therapeutic touch. We hope to inspire you on your journey to live a more healthful, mindful and dynamically balanced life.



Mellisha Fehr, owner and director of Omega Massage & Wellness has been a part of the health & wellness industry since 2004. Her journey began on a leap of faith, when she followed her heart and left the corporate world to step into her purpose and experience living the professional fulfillment we all crave. Discovering that being of service struck a chord, she enrolled in a massage therapy program, practiced, studied and wrote her exam to become a Registered Massage Therapist. Massage provided the flexibility she needed as a mom, while yoga and meditation helped balance and harmonize her professional and personal lives. The blending and braiding of modalities began when one blissful day on her yoga mat she felt inspired to teach the art of yoga. She now leads retreats in places like Maui, HI and is continually exploring her own personal growth. She is a published author and a Certified Health Coach. Her journey has taken her to many places fulfilling her love and passion for travel where she gathers gifts to share with whoever is open to receiving them. "Do the work you love to live your best life, spread love, give back and make time to play".

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