Hue Hoang NHPC#23216

Hue is a graduate of a Western-Eastern Integrated Massage Therapy Diploma, from the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM). Specializing in Orthopedic massage, Hue believes that with proper assessments, treating the root cause of postural dysfunctions and chronic pain stemming from previous injuries, occupational hazards, and daily habits, will allow each client to heal that much more effectively. In addition to Orthopedic massage, Hue is also trained in acupressure, Chinese Tui Na massage, gua sha, cupping, auricular ear therapy, and Thai reflexology. With a Western-Eastern integrative perspective, Hue provides a holistic, balanced, and precise treatment tailored to each client's condition.

In the meantime, Hue is continuing her studies in Calgary at CITCM, pursuing the Acupuncture and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diplomas, and a Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Hue Hoang NHPC#23216 is currently not instructing any classes.