Jolene Tse

     Jolene's passion and continual desire for connecting pieces of the divine multidimensional template has guided her into experiencing various teachings and studies transcending through frequencies of self dis-cover-y...igniting and activating ancient wisdoms and knowings.

     As Jolene continues this life's journey within Mastery, she offers and facilitates through an alchemy of vibrational, energetic and light "tools." Her learnings and rememberings of assistance and support are offered to those that connect within her journey.

     Jolene offers a powerful set of alternative & integrative healing tools including various aspects of Massage Therapy (Light & Moderate pressure); Infant Massage Instructor; both Usui & Karuna Reiki Master levels; Sound and Vibrational Reflexology; Yuen MethodTM Level I-III & Certification; Millenium MethodTM Level I-III and Master; Acutonics Level I-II and Fibonacci-Ohm & Water; Arcturian Workshop; Traditional Native Teachings; Chromalive Therapy; Raindrop & Aromatherapy; Singing Bowls (Crystal, Alchemy and Tibetan); Voice & Light Language; Holosonics; Sacred Rays of Light; Elemental Teachings; Firewalking; Atlantean Activation; Chakra DanceTM; Zumba Fitness; Certified Rainbow Yoga Teacher for Family and Children; Therapeutic Drum Facilitator Training.

     She shares her deep innate knowing that there are infinite choices of transformational tools within and around each of us! Gently and lovingly guiding and supporting, Jolene creates and holds space of light to journey within and beyond the 3rd dimensional densities and limitations.

     A mother; a wife; a starseed; a portal of light; ....transcending and transforming .... activating and aligning within an expansion of soulful light and love. Opportunities of new be-ginnings..living our hearts desires and dreams!

Be-gin to understand our soul vibrations and how life happens for us, created by us!
We all have the ability to create our heart's desires and be the change that we wish for within this hu-man world. Each session is unique and is an experience....beyond the spoken word!

"As a lightworker, I am of service to humanity and all of creation! I am here to support the awakening and expansion of oneness for highest good of all that is. Being present and anchored in the moment offers divine guidance of the infinite. I am grateful and in gratitude for all that I am and the support of the beings-seen and unseen that are within my universes. And it is so."

In oneness within love and light, Jolene Tse.

"Jolene is an authentic and very gifted light worker. Her love of healing is genuine
and she is a true example of compassion, intuition, and radiance.
I highly recommend and encourage you to place your trust with this soul!" ~ S. Mulroy

**Please be aware that Jolene's sessions of offering have shifted and are now:

* 75min Massage Therapy Integrated & 90min Massage Therapy Integrated * Hot Stone Massage

Sound & Vibrational Reflexology * Fibonacci Sound Sequence - Ohm &/Or Water * Sound & Energetic Medicines * Raindrop Therapy 

Jolene Tse is currently not instructing any classes.